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    17 Quotes From Ohio Leaders To Inspire Your Midwest Family Vacation

    Planning a Midwest family vacation?  See what Ohio leaders have to say about Clinton County in Southwest Ohio!

    It is true, when many people think of American destinations, the coastal regions that come to mind first.  However, Ohio does get its slice of fame as a Midwest family vacation spot...

    Any parents planning a Midwest family vacation like to quiz kids on factoids and trivia during road trips?

    Sweetly tucked under the Great Lakes, Ohio is known as "The Heart Of It All."  It could be because much of the state is within a days' drive of 60% of the US population.  Though some would dazzle you with a list of famous people from the Buckeye State, like Clark Gable, Roy Rogers, Bob Hope, Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg, Drew Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Allison Janney, Crystal Bowersox, and a few past US Presidents.

    Ohio is also known as a "swing state," which put it in headlines much of 2016.  Ohio Governor, John Kasich ran for President, which brought Ohio branches of government to the forefront - Especially during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

    The Ohio local government even shines - Recent "flyover state" challenges put Southwest Ohio in the spotlight.  Ohio House Speaker, Cliff Rosenberger, is a Clinton County, Ohio native.  In turn, John Kasich gave a well-documented Ohio State Of The State Address in the county seat - Wilmington, Ohio - at the Roberts Convention Centre.

    That is just some of the recent local history.

    If talk of celebrities excites you, our historical Murphy Theatre was host to a long list of big name entertainers over the years, most frequently Rosemary Clooney.  Yes, aunt of George Clooney, also from Ohio. The late John Ritter was married at the Murphy - there is still a display in the lobby.  Some may recognize the Murphy Theatre and downtown Wilmington, Ohio from the 1993 movie, "Lost In Yonkers," starring Richard Dreyfus and Mercedes Ruehl.

    Famous Wilmingtonians include Charles Murphy, former owner of the Chicago Cubs, Stephanie Hodge of the hit TV show, Nurses, Gary Sandy of WKRP in Cincinnati, NFL Green Bay Packers player, Quentin Rollins, and Kay Frances - Author and funny motivational speaker.

    To others, Clinton County, Ohio is profoundly "A Place Called Home.”

    A best kept secret of Ohio, if you will, and a beautiful part of the Southwest region of the state.

    Those planning a Midwest family vacation might be interested in what local Ohio leaders have to say…

    17 Quotes From Ohio Leaders To Inspire Your Midwest Family Vacation

    Insightful words about gems in Clinton County and Wilmington, Ohio:

    "Our product is history. Preserve, protect and promote." ~Kay Fisher, Clinton County History Center

    "Being one of the many faces of Wilmington College has led to a beautiful combination of circumstances where I am able to develop relationships within – and outside of – the community that have benefited the community as a whole, especially when it comes to bringing statewide attention to our local history. No day is the same. Every day is a new adventure." ~Ruth Brindle, Quaker Heritage Center

    "This property is magnificent, I wanted to get out of the big city life and work in this atmosphere. I totally made a good decision." ~Judy Clark, Roberts Centre

    A Midwest family vacation should include exploring the outdoors…

    "Within 18 months there were 54 quilt blocks of various designs mounted on barns throughout the county to boost our spirits and encourage tourism within the county." ~Diane Murphy, Clinton County Bicentennial Barn Quilt Trail

    "I stay in this business because I love the look of sheer joy on a child’s face when I put a tiny Joey in their arms. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen 40 three year olds hopping like wallabies." ~Bob Heyob, Horsefeathers Farm 

    "After becoming empty nesters, we were ready for a new lifestyle choice. We fell in love with the animals immediately and were drawn to their beauty, intelligence and curiosity. We once had a female alpaca that was so smart she learned how to open the gate and let all the alpacas in her pen out." ~Kim Delaney, KB Alpaca Farm

    "My two sisters and I wanted to see if we could create something new together. We have been able to generate employment on a small scale for friends and family." ~Kim Benz, One-Derings Lavender Farm

    "After serving 3 ½ years as Park Director, I am always amazed at how many people feel deeply connected to our parks; whether it is from playing baseball as a child, sledding at Galvin Park Hill, the festivals and fireworks at Denver Williams Park." ~Lori Williams, Wilmington City Parks

    Those who fancy art will find a myriad of treasures in Clinton County, Ohio:

    "I taught art and pottery in Cincinnati, and I love the art." ~Ray Storer, Grandpa's Pottery

    "Art makes you glad you got up in the morning. It gives you something to look forward to." ~John Schum, South Street Gallery

    A fine collection of cafes, pubs, restaurants, and eateries, you'll find Clinton County cuisine in good taste:

    "After 22 ½ years in the USAF, I took over the family business. I stay in the business because I enjoy it so much it’s not work; it’s a hobby." ~Marty Beaugard, Beaugard's Bar B Que

    "With an undergraduate degree in Economics and Spanish and a Master in Finance, I thought I would be working for a huge conglomerate, but no… I end up in Wilmington, Ohio, making pizzas. I am so glad I did. The long-term relationships I’ve developed with my customers, associates and vendors has been my reward. It is what gets me up in the morning and gives me pause to be thankful at night." ~Doug DeVilbiss, Donato’s

    Your Midwest family vacation to Clinton County in Southwest Ohio would definitely be shaped by these wise words from local leaders:

    “I am stupidly passionate about tomatoes." ~Phil Swindler, Swindler & Sons Florists, Inc.

    "Children can never learn to love something they haven’t experienced." ~Bruce Saunders, Educator

    If Clinton County, Ohio is en route from one destination to another, some important reminders:

    "We're working together to finalize policies that will benefit Ohioans across the state." ~Ohio House Speaker, Cliff Rosenberger - Clinton County, Ohio native from Clarksville, Ohio

     "We have 45,000 square miles of geography in Ohio." ~Kenneth Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State

     We're happy to have you for a dedicated adventure or extended stay, and we are also easy to add to your Midwest family vacation road trips and travel plans.

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    Wilmington and Clinton County, Ohio are lucky to have such a rich history.  In the heart of the "Golden Triangle" of Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton the quotes above just scratch the surface of all you will find!

    "Clinton County in Southwest Ohio has a competitive list of things to do in its repertoire for visitors, but what really sets us apart are the personal experiences you’ll take away thanks to the “Faces Behind the Places” in our backyard – dedicated folks who do everything they can to ensure you enjoy yourself." ~Debbie Stamper, Executive Director - The Clinton County Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Learn more about our Many Faces of Clinton County, Ohio in our digital guide.