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    KB Alpaca Farm

    3816 Gurneyville Rd., Wilmington, OH 45177

    (513) 324-2151

    KB Alpacas is a ten acre farm that specializes in the raising and breeding of Huacaya Alpacas. These animals originally grazed the Andes Mountains Altiplano and were domesticated by the Incas around 1100 A.D. So prized for their soft fleece and mystical nature, the Incas valued alpacas higher than gold and silver. Only royalty were allowed to wear clothing made from their phenomenal fleece. Then the Spanish Europeans invaded South America. Knowing the Incan civilization relied on the alpaca for their livelihood, the Conquistadors set out to eradicate the alpacas and make room for their own sheep. Fortunately, surviving Indians were able to move some of the alpacas to higher elevations. A move that ultimately saved the species from extinction. Now we are able to offer a personal setting for groups to learn, view and touch these magical creatures. An on-site shop offers unique fleece products made from our alpacas' spectacular fleece. Open by appointment. Group tours welcome.

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