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    Martinsville Road Covered Bridge

    Martinsville Rd., Martinsville, OH 45146

    Covered bridges. Books and paintings have immortalized them, car caravans travel to see them first-hand, and worldwide associations study them. The covered bridge symbolizes small-town America, something from the nineteenth century, and a sight that's a little strange to present day eyes. Often remote from interstate highways and city limits, covered bridges lure wanderers to explore nearly forgotten waterways and roads off the beaten path. Ohio ranks second in the nation in the number of covered bridges still standing, with about 140 in the state. More than half of these still carry traffic over rivers and streams. One of these bridges is in Clinton County. Located West-Northwest of Martinsville on Martinsville Road in Clark Township, is a covered bridge built in 1871 by Zimri Wall. Known as the Martinsville Road Bridge, this classic bridge crosses the Todds Fork of the Little Miami River. With a length of 72 feet, it only takes a few seconds to cross in a bus, but to really experience the bridge, your bus must park on the side of the road and your group must continue on foot. It's compelling to take pictures from the edge of the road, but the resulting photos only partially capture the experience of being there in person. Directions to Martinsville Road Bridge: About 2 miles west of Jct. OH 134 on OH 28, then right half a mile on Martinsville Road to the bridge.

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