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    Peace Resource Center

    51 College St., Wilmington, OH 45177

    (937) 382-6661

    Peace on earth - three very simple, powerful words. Nations strive for it, men and women lift their heads to heaven and pray for it, and ironically, armies meet in battle for the ultimate achievement of it. To the average man and woman on the street, peace on earth may seem like an elusive dream - worthy of reaching for, but impossible to achieve. To those who have lost hope for a peaceful world, it may be encouraging to know that peace movements continue to exist all over the world and the endeavor for peace continues to be an ongoing process. You may not know it, but Wilmington, Ohio is part of that process, thanks to Wilmington College's Peace Resource Center and the annual Westheimer Peace Symposium that takes place each October. When you first enter the house at 51 College Street on the campus of Wilmington College (home to the Peace Resource Center), the wealth of information stored within its four walls isn't immediately apparent. On closer view, one quickly learns that the Center houses several circulating libraries dealing with peace education and conflict resolution. Additionally there is a bookstore where books can be purchased, and a video library containing over 200 rental videos. The Barbara Reynolds Room holds the story of how the Peace Resource Center had its beginnings. Impacted by the horrendous after-effects of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this Quaker peace activist devoted her entire life to educating the world about this tragedy in the hope that it would never happen again. Reynolds' extensive collection of films, books, and research found a permanent home in 1975 at Wilmington College's Peace Resource Center, and that's when it all began. The Hiroshima/Nagasaki Collection has continued to grow over the years and is the largest of its kind outside the country of Japan. The Center is exactly what its name implies - a place to go for peace education materials. Whether your interest lies in nonviolence, conflict resolution, peer mediation, positive discipline, the atomic bombings, nuclear issues, war/peace issues, African-American history, the environment, Native Americans, classroom management, parenting, stories of individual peacemakers, education curriculum pieces for children and youth, or films and videos for school and college classes, it can all be found at the Center. The Center provides services locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. It reaches out to schools, colleges, universities, and churches.

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