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    A Sporting You Will Go

    Clinton County in Southwest Ohio is home to Cherrybend Pheasant Farm, a nationally known pheasant farm and hunting reserve. This 600+ acre farm offers the ultimate bird hunting experience. Enjoy their sporting clay course and then experience a lunch prepared especially for you; succulent pheasant with all the trimmings, all home-cooked and piping hot. Your next destination is Roberts Arena, a regionally acclaimed horse arena. Tour the facility and its indoor and outdoor arenas. If the timing is right, you may get to watch one of the many horse shows that grace the facility year-round. The rest of the day it's time for outdoor fun with a beautiful lake as your backdrop. Travel to Cowan Lake State Park where your group will take a pontoon tour on the lake; a wonderful, peaceful time with great opportunities for the shutterbug. Return to a campfire and a cookout by the park's staff before heading back to the hotel for a good night's rest—the prerequisite for the next day's activities. Enjoy breakfast before traveling to Morgan's for some rafting down the Little Miami River. Education tours with guided excursions are available. It's scenic, it's fun and it's an experience you won't forget. Or how about flying on the Ozone Zipline Adventures, the Midwest's largest tree-top zipline tour? This zipline crosses the Little Miami River at 200 feet in the air and treats guests to incredible sights and heights.