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    ROYAL CANIN RING at Roberts Centre

    The ROYAL CANIN RING and Eukanuba Field, exclusively at The Roberts Centre, provide a best-in-class venue in the Midwest to honor incredible breeds and extraordinary performances. ROYAL CANIN RING offers the prestige of an opulent yet functional venue for conformation events for cats and dogs. The indoor venue has more than 80,000 square feet of flexible space to support a variety of event formats and vendors, including educational seminars, banquets, grooming and more.

    Events hosted at ROYAL CANIN RING and Eukanuba Field are offered customized exhibitor bags for national specialty shows, personalized signage with each participating club's logo and prizes.

    To learn more about the ROYAL CANIN RING and Eukanuba Field, visit their website.

    Amenities provided to all hosted events include:

    • Specialized red carpeting
    • Overhead, lit ring signage
    • Hot-water dog bathing facilities
    • Ring gating
    • Official win photo area
    • Cat-specific caging and dividers
    • Linens for judging tables and benching
    • Innovative scratching posts
    • Presentation ring
    • Examination tables

    ROYAL CANIN RING is complemented by the outdoor space: Eukanuba Field. The scalable, five-acre outdoor park includes fencing, obedience and agility equipment to showcase extraordinary canine abilities. Eukanuba Field is ideal for such competitive events as:

    • Agility trials
    • Obedience/rally trials
    • Lure coursing
    • Herding
    • Flying disc
    • Dock diving
    • Scent work

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