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    Culberson (Dean A) State Nature Preserve

    Clinton County, Ohio 45177

    (937) 382-1096

    This 238-acre preserve is one of the few examples of the white swamp forest which once covered the uplands of southwestern Ohio. The forest grows on poorly drained, white clay soil which formed on the glacial materials deposited during the Illinoian glacial period. The swamp forest is dominated by red maple and pin oak with substantial stands of shagbark hickory, shellbark hickory, swamp white oak, American elm and sweetgum. The northern shrub, winterberry, grows here near its southern limit, while the sweetgum, a southern species, is near its northern limit. Summer wildflowers include purple fringeless orchid and cardinal flower. The state-listed northern fox grape also occurs here. The preserve is located in Clinton County approximately 1 mile southwest of Cowan Lake State Park. From SR 350, proceed south 1 mile on SR 730 to the preserve entrance. No facilities are available. For additional information, contact Cowan Lake State Park.

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